How Progressive Weight Training Could Fight Aging
Have you been feeling a little weaker as you’ve gotten older? Or have you noticed that your physique might not be what it used to be? If you have, don’t worry; you’re definitely not alone. And although you’re probably reluctantly chalking it ... Read More
Reverse Aging in the Brain with Dancing?
What do you do when you get some good news? A little shimmy? A little shake? People feel good when they dance, and some new data shows that it could even protect your brain from aging. Now, if that isn’t news that makes you want to get up and a bus... Read More
When Caring for Family, Personal Health Is a Casualty
Across the U.S., an estimated 14.7 million family caregivers tend to the welfare of 7.7 million elderly who live outside the system of nursing and care homes. These caregivers provide vital services to their loved ones, but a recent study has found t... Read More
Higher Intelligence Linked to Improved Physical Performance Later in Life
A new aging study out of Denmark suggests that higher intelligence as a young adult may lead to improved physical performance as an older adult. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen looked at data from the Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Bank o... Read More
Use Your Interests to Build Brain Power
Do you ever wonder why you can remember some things, while others just pass through your mind as if it’s Swiss cheese? For example, everybody’s mind is filled with what is pretty well trivia. Some people can recite every song lyric by a particula... Read More
Can Men Experience Menopause?
It’s a reality we all face: as you age, you will experience a drop in hormones. And while this topic is most often discussed in relation to women, men do experience a change in hormones, too—the two just experience it in very different ways. Most... Read More
How Lifestyle Interventions Can Help Control Chronic Disease
The most important factor in the development of most, if not all, chronic diseases that can end our lives prematurely and change the manner in which we age during our lifetime is one fundamental pathological entity—INFLAMMATION. When you think of t... Read More
The Ingredient in Your Diet That’s Speeding Up Aging
Food containing high amounts of added salthas long been associated with health problems. Diets high in salt can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke. A new study indicates it may also increase t... Read More
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