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3 Natural Remedies to Sleep Better During National Sleep Awareness Week
With National Sleep Awareness Week being this week (March 2–8) and the daylight savings time change coming up (we lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, March 8), now is the perfect time of year to think about getting some quality shut-eye. How can you s... Read More
Finally! The Solution to Your Sleepless Nights
Menopause is a natural turning point in a woman’s life. Levels of hormones are slowly adjusted in the female body to acknowledge the end of the child-bearing years. And while women may no longer be able to remain fertile and conceive a baby, life c... Read More
A Doctor’s Secret for Curing Insomnia
Here’s some health advice for those of you searching for a way to get a better night’s sleep: try meditation. More specifically, use this research-tested method called mind-body bridging. Mind-body bridging is somewhat of a “doctor’s secret... Read More