Improve Memory Naturally

14 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Depression
Depression is more common than you might think. In fact, mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety attacks, likely hit close to home for most people. Depression is a serious medical condition that can even run in the family—it sure do... Read More
Selective Memory: Replace Bad Experiences with Positive Ones Long-Term
A recent study has revealed that humans can selectively remember positive memories over negative ones—meaning you really can forget the bad times if you focus on the good. How to Shed Bad Memories It’s midweek and if you’re anything like me, yo... Read More
Can Halloween Candy Protect Your Memory?
It’s Halloween and that means one thing: you’re probably going to eat some chocolate. I know I will; I absolutely love the stuff! And while we all worry about dentist bills (just remember to brush) and excess calories, here’s some good news: ch... Read More
Use Your Interests to Build Brain Power
Do you ever wonder why you can remember some things, while others just pass through your mind as if it’s Swiss cheese? For example, everybody’s mind is filled with what is pretty well trivia. Some people can recite every song lyric by a particula... Read More
Overlooked Data Key to Curing Dementia and Alzheimer’s?
It’s always a satisfying and interesting feeling when you’ve been struggling with a solution for some time and you end up finding out that the answer was right in front of you all along. There’s a combination of joy and excitement mixed with a ... Read More
Watching TV Could Boost Your Cognitive Health
Being a couch potato isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, new research shows it can actually be rather healthy! Most people love to laugh. It feels good, creates a positive memory, and is one of the best physical expressions of sheer enjoyment. And a... Read More
Fight Off Old Age By Boosting Your Memory!
As you’ve gotten older, you may have noticed your mind playing some tricks on you. You walk around the house frustrated because you can’t find the keys, the television remote, or your glasses. When you head out for a walk, you can’t seem to rec... Read More
Be Aware of the Danger of This
It’s not uncommon for all of us to hit our heads occasionally. You might find yourself standing up too quickly and bumping your head on a cupboard door in the kitchen, or you might hit your head as you try to get into the car or climb into bed. For... Read More
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