Improve Mental Health

Vitamin D: The Best Treatment for Dementia?
As the old saying goes—a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The mind is an essential, yet fragile, component of the human body. We need it on a daily basis, and rely on it to aid us in making choices that will affect the rest of our lives. But what... Read More
Selective Memory: Replace Bad Experiences with Positive Ones Long-Term
A recent study has revealed that humans can selectively remember positive memories over negative ones—meaning you really can forget the bad times if you focus on the good. How to Shed Bad Memories It’s midweek and if you’re anything like me, yo... Read More
Seattle’s Super Bowl Loss Reminded Me of This Important Health Tip
It’s estimated that more than one-third of Americans watched Sunday’s Super Bowl. And if you did, it’s possible you saw one of the most questionable play calls to ever end a game, likely costing the Seattle Seahawks a championship. Sports analy... Read More
Three Ways to Control Your Mood & Emotions Through Physical Movements
You’ve likely heard plenty about how your mental state can impact your actions and body language. When you’re happy, you’re smiling, walking with some pep in your step, and maybe even busting out into some song and dance. But when things aren... Read More
Four Out-of-the-Box Last-Minute New Year’s Resolutions
The first week of 2015 has officially come to a close, which is just the first hump to get past when it comes to achieving your New Year’s resolution. Have you made it so far? If you’ve failed to stay faithful to your plans or you haven’t got a... Read More
Fight Alzheimer’s with Turmeric and Other Natural Spices and Foods
Your home is your temple. But what happens when you start to forget where things are in your temple, such as your TV remote or your keys? What if you’re also unable to perform simple household tasks, like doing your laundry, washing the dishes, or ... Read More
Tips for Avoiding Thanksgiving Day Stress
Next week is Thanksgiving and that likely means at least three guarantees for you: traveling, eating, and shopping. Though maybe you just group them all under a fourth guarantee: stress. I always appreciate the holidays; I love spending time with my ... Read More
One-Fifth of Americans Living with Crippling Pain
I read a staggering study the other day I’d like to share with you. The results made me sad, but they were a real wake-up call. The study I’m referring to was a large-scale survey of 35,000 American households. It revealed that almost one-fifth (... Read More
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