Why You Must Protect Yourself Against EM Radiation

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The WHO declared wireless radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices a Class B carcinogen.Does your cell phone carry as much of a health risk as your cigarette?

In June 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared wireless radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices a Class B carcinogen, a class including the cancer-causing substances asbestos and DDT. The evidence is overwhelming: even before 1970, more than 2,000 studies existed showing that “radiation sickness” does exist.

While many people focus on the dangers of thermal radiation (such as in burns from hot surfaces or an atom bomb), it’s actually rare. Damage from non-thermal radiation, on the other hand, from microwaves, energy efficient light bulbs, electrical appliances, and faulty electrical house wiring compromises cell repair, interferes with your body’s signaling systems, causes highly specific brain cancers, harms pregnant mothers, stops sperm production, and depletes the body’s master detox substance glutathione. And it’s this type of dangerous radiation that we’re exposed to daily. To avoid being exposed to thermal radiation and their dangerous health effects, make sure to follow these five tips:

  1. Never use cordless phones. Their cradles radiate nonstop, and there are no known protective measures. Cell phones should never be worn on the body and be off unless in use at a distance of three feet, using ear buds. Texting is less dangerous.
  2. Computers contain magnets that amplify radiation.  The safest computer is the iMac desktop Apple Mini whose computer is separate at a safe distance; you only face the screen. No computer should have a wireless keyboard or mouse—laptops are relatively safe only if it is not on your lap and on battery. The Bluetooth app should always be off unless in use.
  3. In your household, avoid energy efficient light bulbs (outlawed in Germany), tube lights, and extension cords. LED lights are okay. You should use three-pronged electrical cords for kitchen appliances and lamps, etc. You also want to disable standby modes for T.V.s, coffee makers, and other appliances. Make sure you don’t have electronics of any kind in the bedroom as they deplete melatonin production and can cause insomnia. Never use a microwave oven: foods and even water have their cellular structure altered when microwaved, killing vitamins, and making even minerals difficult to absorb. Avoid electric ranges and convection devices. Cooking with gas fitted with an exhaust hood is safest.
  4. Opt out of smart meters for hydro and water if you can; if not, have a 1/4 inch thick steel box built around it with just the front open to protect your house from radiation.
  5. Use grounding (“earthing”) methods to ensure that ambient radiation in your environment goes to the ground, bypassing you. You may need a professional with measuring devices or buy yourself a gauss meter, a body voltage meter, and a high frequency RF meter.

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