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Your Emotions and Your Risk of Stroke: The Strange Connection

Your Emotions and Your Risk of Stroke The Strange ConnectionIn the U.S. today, stroke is one of the leading causes of death, morbidity, and the decline in an individual’s quality of life.

Strokes are caused when the arteries that carry blood into the inside of the brain are blocked. Strokes are similar in their mechanism to heart attacks, which can be caused by an interruption of blood flow to the heart muscle. A stroke can partially or permanently damage brain tissue, which can lead to disability.

According to published research, the same risk factors that are closely linked to the development of heart … Read More

What Do Health Awareness Campaigns Really Do?

What Do Health Awareness Campaigns Really DoYou’ve probably seen the Parkinson’s awareness commercials featuring Michael J. Fox. He informs the viewer about the disease and then gives some information about how they can help spread awareness or generate funding or donations for research. If you haven’t seen these commercials in particular, you can likely imagine what I’m talking about because the same type of commercial exists for countless conditions. The funds raised through these awareness campaigns and other avenues help facilitate new research, ultimately leading to a better understanding of these conditions, the development of new technologies, and the discovery of … Read More

What “Food Experts” Refuse to Eat

What “Food Experts” Refuse to EatHave you ever wondered what your doctor, dietician, nutritionist, or chiropractor eats?

I have to confess…. I have eaten some scary food in my day. I could also say with a great deal of confidence that health professionals don’t always practice what they preach. But as time has progressed, I have become increasingly fussy regarding what I choose to eat.

Here are the top foods nutritionists refuse to eat—some, I feel, are safe to eat, while others I’ll avoid at all costs…

Processed/Canned Meat

I avoid processed meats, deli meats, and canned meats, much like … Read More

How Gut Bacteria Can Save Your Heart

How Gut Bacteria Can Save Your HeartOver the past few years, we’ve all come to see how probiotics offer a number of health benefits, especially digestive health. But there’s a newly found benefit that you may not know about yetand it’s one that could have you reaching for some probiotic yoghurt every day!

First off, probiotics are the “good bacteria” found in foods and dietary supplements to create balance in your microbiome (the bacterial ecosystem inside your gut).

Probiotics have been associated with improved digestion, lower cholesterol, reduced inflammation, better nutrient absorption, weight loss, improved immunity, and other positives. … Read More

What Americans Should Be Eating (and why you shouldn’t follow the government’s guidelines)

What Americans Should Be Eating (and why you shouldn’t follow the government’s guidelines)It seems as though every time I turn around, there are some new regulations or recommendations regarding what I should be eating every day.

Well, this could be good or bad depending on what the recommendations actually are as well as the state of your health, your lifestyle dynamics, and your own preferences. However, typically, the usefulness and health benefits of such new recommendations depend on the source, as they can be quite biased at times.

So, to make things easier for you, here is a rundown of the newest recommendations put forth by the … Read More

The Mineral That Can Improve Your Life

The Mineral That Can Improve Your LifeAll of the vitamins and nutrients you take in play a vital role in your survival. And as more and more knowledge is acquired of their importance and how they work, the medical community and citizens alike can improve their appreciation for a quality diet. It seems that with each passing day, we learn about natural sources that can help us to prevent a number of diseases, while we improve our health.

Staying away from medicine and pharmaceuticals, when possible, is a great way to live. It’s refreshing to know that the earth is capable … Read More

The Statin Controversy Continues…for Good Reason!

What You Need to Know About StatinsYou’ve likely heard about the importance of cholesterol and how you should get your cholesterol levels checked every year as part of your annual checkup. Blood cholesterol has been used as an indicator of health risk now for a number of decades. Ever since the link between LDL cholesterol and coronary artery disease was made, the role of cholesterol in the diet has also been highly publicized.

Remember the egg controversy? The prevailing wisdom was that you shouldn’t eat eggs because they contain cholesterol. The thought was that you should also avoid all foods high … Read More

How to Eat Out the Healthy Way

How to Eat Out the Healthy WayOne of my favorite things to do is dine out. I love tasting the different food that chefs in my city have put together and always enjoy an evening with good food and friends. Although I try to limit my visits to restaurants to maybe three or four times per month, I almost always exceed that during the summer.

For many of my fellow “foodies,” dining out can make it very hard to stay on a diet or manage weight. Restaurants make it easy to sneak in extra calories and get you to overeat. But … Read More

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