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Why Upping Your Fruit and Veggie Intake Won’t Always Lead to Weight Loss

Why Upping Your Fruit and Veggie

A few years ago, I went whitewater kayaking with some friends of mine. During the trip, I had an opportunity to speak to a friend’s sister who was struggling with weight loss.

Like many Americans, she wasn’t confident in her appearance and was concerned about the health problems that might occur as a result of her weight. I asked what she was doing about it, and she told me she was trying to improve her diet by eating more fruit. She told me she loved fruit and ate it all the time.

Unfortunately, like … Read More

Could Your Water Be Giving You Heart Disease?

Could Your Water

I can’t stress the importance of regularly consuming water enough. I personally drink at least eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water every day to support my healthy body. It is well known that drinking plenty of water is important for proper hydration, body temperature regulation, digestion, and nutrient metabolism. It is also crucial in maintaining the health of nearly every organ in the body.

It’s not just important that you drink water, but that you also consider the type of water you consume. I always get my water from a filtered tap, because municipal Read More

Is This Therapy the Most Effective Stress and Pain Reliever?

Therapy the Most Effective Stress and Pain RelieverIf you’re like me, meditation isn’t the easiest practice—at least not at the beginning. You sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed and you try to clear your mind, but 10 minutes pass and thoughts still creep through your head. You just can’t seem to do it.

Many people tell you how beneficial it is to meditate. It is well known to reduce stress, pain, high blood pressure, and anxiety. It also improves emotional stability, relaxation, creativity, and overall happiness. The clarity, peace of mind, and many other benefits achieved through meditation … Read More

How the Way You Walk Influences Your Mood

Way You Walk Influences Your MoodHere’s an idea on how to spend some of your spare time this week: on a nice day, just sit on a park bench and spend a moment watching the people around you. Try to guess who is in a hurry, who is in a good mood, and who is feeling down.

You’ll likely find that people tend to show how they are feeling by how they carry themselves. If they’re in a good mood, they typically have a little pep in their step, so the saying goes. Their shoulders and head are up, and … Read More

Women Living Longer, but Struggling More

Multimorbidity and the Importance of Holistic MedicineAlthough women live longer than men, they might be struggling harder to do it.

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new life expectancy numbers for America. Americans are now expected to live longer than ever, with an average life expectancy of 78.8 years. Men are expected to live 76.4 years, while women should last about five years longer, meaning 81.2 years, on average.

But these numbers might not tell the whole story. According to a recent international study, women are also far more likely than men to be suffering … Read More

If You Work Outdoors You MUST Read This

Sun and Work Safety Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America, accounting for roughly half of all cancers diagnosed. Of the 3.5 million skin cancer cases that are diagnosed each year, the most serious is melanoma, which is expected to account for 76,000 cases this year alone.

If you’ve ever been severely sunburnt, spent time in a tanning bed, or spent a lot of time under the sun without applying sunscreen, you’ve put yourself at risk for skin cancer. And although many of us can make small adjustments to avoid the sun’s rays, like … Read More

Watercress the Next Top Superfood?

Watercress Next Top Food for NutritionEvery year, there are superfoods or powerhouse foods that grab the public’s attention. These are foods marketed for their incredible nutrient content and health benefits, and they are championed as major contributors to an overall healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to know what the next big superfood is and which are best to throw into your juicer, blender, or side salad.

Over the last decade or so, popular superfoods have included goji and acai berries, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and powders such as chlorella and spirulina. And let’s not forget the impact kale has made on the … Read More

Food Companies Are Making It Easier to Lose Weight

Calorie Cutting and Weight LossAs you’re likely well aware, there are growing concerns about America’s obesity problem—but did you know that it’s possible all that talk has actually turned to action? Excitedly, we may be entering a new era in the American diet.

Food companies are even on board. In fact, National Public Radio (NPR) reported that 16 major food-producing companies, including General Mills, Kraft, and Nestle, have collectively removed more than 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace. People are opting for reduced-calorie items and smaller portion sizes, which has resulted in plateauing obesity levels.

A new report … Read More