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Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Pattern Emerging?

How Excessive Weight May Be a Warning for Type 2 DiabetesIt seems every week there is new research published regarding type 2 diabetes. As a healthcare provider, I continue to follow new developments in this research because there is so much that must be learned in order for us to get a better handle on this pandemic that’s sweeping the globe.

In the U.S., type 2 diabetes is the largest health concern collectively affecting the American population, and it continues to afflict millions, unchallenged.

Most people understand the relationship between diabetes and obesity. It is quite obvious that the diseases of overweight and obesity lead … Read More

Is Your Shampoo Giving You Cancer?

Could it Be Causing CancerIs your shampoo increasing your cancer risk? According to a study by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), up to 98 personal care items, including soaps and shampoos, sold by retailers across the U.S. could be posing a threat to your health and increasing your cancer risk.

The products, tested by the CEH at an independent lab, were found to contain a toxin called cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), a form of chemically modified coconut oil that’s often used as a foaming and thickening ingredient in different personal care products. The products that contained over 10,000 … Read More

The Vegetarian Diet: Is It Really Healthy for You?

The Vegetarian Diet Is It Really Healthy for YouThe vegetarian diet is typically viewed as being healthy; and compared to the average American diet, it is. Substituting fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains for fatty burgers, French fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and microwave dinners offers a number of health benefits.

But a new study from the Medical University in Graz, Austria is saying things aren’t exactly as they seem. In their work, a research team noted that although vegetarians tended to have a lower BMI (body mass index) and drank less alcohol, they had a lower quality of life and were less healthy … Read More

Three Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Three Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss EffortsIf you’re trying to lose or manage weight, you’re sure of one thing: it can be very difficult. It can also be disheartening because oftentimes, despite your best efforts, it rarely works. Even when you’re eating “clean,” healthy, and nutritious meals and getting exercise, your efforts may stagnate, move slowly, or rarely even make a difference.

This happens because there are small and subtle ways you might be sabotaging yourself. They might even surprise you.

Your friend who always chooses healthy food options, controls their portion sizes, and limits tasty treats most of the … Read More

What Americans Are Taking That May Surprise You

What Americans Are Taking That May Surprise YouAccording to a new research report by Ipsos Public Affairs, a market research company, Americans are taking nutritional supplements in numbers that are surprising, given the previous estimates. The Council for Responsible Nutrition looked at the data from five years of market research following the results gleaned from online surveys. The analysts found that Americans were using nutritional supplements with greater frequency than previously estimated through the National Health and Nutrition Examination surveys.

This new research is quite interesting because not only does it tell us what Americans are taking, but it also provides an … Read More

Top Sleep Tips for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Top Sleep Tips for Chronic Pain SufferersThere are roughly 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain. It can severely impact daily activities by making the simplest of chores seem like the most difficult challenges.

And while there is often a focus on what people can do to relieve pain during the day, it’s often forgotten just how much chronic pain can affect sleep.

It’s estimated that between 50 and 70 million American adults suffer from some type of sleep disorder. For the most part, Americans don’t get a lot of sleep and many are in chronic pain. This is not … Read More

The Truth About Oral Hygiene and Cancer

The Truth About Oral Hygiene and CancerWhen you take care of your mouth, it takes care of you. Ever since you were a child, you’ve been told how important oral hygiene is. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and going to the dentist accomplish more than just preventing cavities; they could save you from developing mouth or throat cancer, too. And if that doesn’t get you to take a little more care of your teeth, I’m unsure what will.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation estimates, there will be over 43,000 new oral cancer diagnoses this year. They report cases have been on … Read More

What Iron Deficiency Looks Like

What Iron Deficiency Looks LikeIron deficiency is an important health issue because not only is it a common health problem, especially in females, but it accounts for the most common forms of anemia. Although iron deficiency is considered a nutritional deficiency, the causes quite frequently involve other factors other than poor nutrition.

Iron deficiency can easily occur during a women’s life because of continual blood loss from the monthly cycle. Women who have fibroids or have an increased need for iron may be at a greater risk. The problem with iron deficiency is that most women don’t even recognize … Read More

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