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Yoga Could Help Treat Heart Disease

Yoga and Heart DiseaseHeart disease is the number one cause of death in America. It takes the lives of about 2,200 people every day. Approximately 84 million people have a cardiovascular disease—whether it is heart failure, heart attack, arrhythmia, stroke, or heart valve problems. But there is one simple way that you can fight back against heart disease: yoga.

Beta-blockers and ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors are some drugs commonly used for heart failure, which is a condition in which the heart doesn’t pump enough blood. Fluid retention is known to occur in the lower legs … Read More

Your How-To Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

Healthy Holiday Eating TipsThe holiday season is almost here, and for many, that means one thing: you’re going to eat. The five-week period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s presents an almost endless string of opportunities to eat, eat, and eat. Having some simple tips at hand to help you stick to your healthy eating throughout the holiday celebrations is essential.

It’s nothing new to hear people complain about how much weight they gain over the holidays. Everyone says they put on 10–15 pounds because they overate on a few occasions. Although research has shown that most people … Read More

Smartphone Usage Putting You at Risk of Serious Posture Problems?

Smartphone Usage and PostureWhile just a few years ago, the idea of owning a smartphone seemed almost Jetson-like, 44% of Americans now own smartphones. There’s no doubt that they are very useful devices and have taken on at least one—if not many—important roles in our daily lives. They let you stay in touch with your family and connect you to whatever you want, whenever you want, almost instantaneously.

But I’m here to bring the bad news: all that convenience might not be the best for your health. Aside from the social isolation and an inability to pull … Read More

Three Foods That Fight Gout

Pain Relief by Jon Yaneff

Foods for Gout ReliefThere are some complaints that I seem to hear from friends and family on a regular basis, but one of the most common has to be swelling and pain in the joints. Well, oftentimes, this pain and inflammation may be caused by gout. Luckily, I know my natural health foods and I can offer them—and you—three foods to naturally relieve pain from arthritis.

Joint pain and swelling are often signs of arthritis. Doctors have diagnosed approximately one in every five adults in the U.S., or 50 million people, with an arthritic condition. You … Read More

How to Ease Family Stresses This Holiday Season

Stress-Free Holiday with FamilyThe holidays are right around the corner, and for the next month or so, it’s likely your new motto will be “go, go, go.” The holidays can bring all kinds of cheer: great food, fun traditions, and a little break from the norm. But they can also be an added source of stress.

The pressure of preparing meals, going to events, spending all kinds of money, and being pressed for time can all hinder your enjoyment of the Thanksgiving to Christmas whirlwind. But there are ways you can limit (or eliminate) stress and boost Read More

Prevent Alzheimer’s with Vitamin E and Healthy Fats

Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s It’s no shock that your diet impacts your physical health—you’ve likely heard that a thousand times before (if not more!). What you eat plays a major role in your weight and your risk for health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. But what about your brain? Is there a diet that promotes a healthy brain that can help with memory and function? Turns out, there just may be. In fact, there are some foods that could help you fight against age-related illnesses, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

At this point, … Read More

Digestive Health and Headaches Linked?

Gastrointestinal Health and HeadachesI like to think of my body as a city; it’s a group of communities living in a larger area, each one affecting the other in one way or another. And if I’m going to stay in good health, I need to be aware of these connections. I understand that while my habits directly affect one part of my body, they may be indirectly affecting others.

For example, my stomach could be the downtown core, where bankers make financial decisions. My brain could be another area, say uptown, close to city hall. My heart might … Read More

Breakfast of Champions: Oatmeal and Its Many Health Benefits

Oatmeal to Improve Your HealthOne of the best-tasting and healthiest—or mid-morning snack—options available is oatmeal. Oats are super easy to make, taste great, are extremely versatile, and pack a serious punch of great nutrition. I eat mine every day and I think you should, too. (Plus, what better time to start making oatmeal your breakfast of champions than in the chilly winter months!)

Oats are great because you can pretty well do whatever you want with them. You can toss in some fruit and nuts to add the flavors you like, combine them with yogurt for a thicker snack, … Read More