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More Evidence of Ginger’s Medicinal Potency

More Evidence of Ginger’s Medicinal PotencyGingerroot has been known for its use as a spice in food preparation and for its many medicinal uses for centuries. This herbal product is touted for its many positive effects upon human health, including aiding digestion, improving immunity, and lowering inflammation.

Recently, however, more evidence has surfaced indicating that this delicious herb can also stabilize blood sugar levels.

New research out of Iran shows that the use of ginger can actually lower blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has rapidly increased over the last … Read More

Holiday Chocolate Sabotaging Your Healthy Diet?

Holiday Chocolate Sabotaging Your Healthy DietDieting is hard. If it weren’t, America would not be facing an obesity epidemic and most people would probably be in better shape.

It’s even more difficult to diet over the holidays, as most of you likely experienced this past weekend. Many of the holidays revolve around eating; big meals, rich desserts, and readily available snacks are usually the featured guests of honor. It takes some serious willpower to make it through a North American holiday and stick to a diet. There is just so much temptation.

Easter can be especially difficult because of all … Read More

Is This Junk Food the Secret to Preventing Cancer?

Is This Junk Food the Secret to Preventing Cancer?Walk down the snack aisle in your local grocery store and you’ll see countless varieties of chips. Some claim to be “healthy” alternatives that are baked, have zero trans fat, or are low in saturated fat. Others are made from ingredients other than potatoes, like rice or corn, and claim to be “healthy” treats. But at the end of the day, a chip, no matter how much healthier it may appear than another brand, is rarely something that should be considered a food that promotes good health. Recent research, however, challenges this theory.

A team … Read More

Less Sodium More Effective vs. Meds in Preventing Death from Heart Disease?

Less Sodium More Effective vs. Meds in Preventing Death from Heart DiseaseFor decades, the main recommendation for reducing blood pressure has been to limit your sodium intake. During this time, there have been multiple attempts at defining the “safe” level of sodium consumption. These recommendations have been debated for years.

We have also known for decades that high blood pressure is an independent risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure remains one of the most common health concerns currently being treated in the U.S. today; regardless of the cause, high blood pressure is one of the most commonly treated conditions accounting … Read More

New Weight Loss Breakthrough on the Horizon

New Weight Loss Breakthrough on the HorizonOne of the barriers holding people back from weight loss is a slow metabolism. Their bodies don’t process and utilize energy (calories) efficiently, which can lead to increased fat storage and a higher risk for obesity and diabetes.

It is possible for individuals to manipulate their metabolism through diet and exercise, but that doesn’t always work for everybody. For some, it’s simply more effort than they wish to put in.

A doctor, however, has located a genetic “switch” that can be turned on and off to alter the speed of a person’s metabolism. The “switch” … Read More

Ancient Chinese Medicine Cure to Hepatitis C?

Ancient Chinese Medicine Cure to Hepatitis CAncient Chinese medicine, in many cases, has stood the test of time. Various techniques and herbs that have existed for centuries are still being practiced today, and many have evolved to treat new conditions. It’s often amazing to think about how these ancient techniques are still relevant and effective to treat conditions that were extremely uncommon—or didn’t even exist—when they were discovered.

Another new way to use an ancient herb has recently been discovered and it fills a major void in the medical community. It has the potential to save millions around the world, and … Read More

Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Pattern Emerging?

How Excessive Weight May Be a Warning for Type 2 DiabetesIt seems every week there is new research published regarding type 2 diabetes. As a healthcare provider, I continue to follow new developments in this research because there is so much that must be learned in order for us to get a better handle on this pandemic that’s sweeping the globe.

In the U.S., type 2 diabetes is the largest health concern collectively affecting the American population, and it continues to afflict millions, unchallenged.

Most people understand the relationship between diabetes and obesity. It is quite obvious that the diseases of overweight and obesity lead … Read More

Is Your Shampoo Giving You Cancer?

Could it Be Causing CancerIs your shampoo increasing your cancer risk? According to a study by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), up to 98 personal care items, including soaps and shampoos, sold by retailers across the U.S. could be posing a threat to your health and increasing your cancer risk.

The products, tested by the CEH at an independent lab, were found to contain a toxin called cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), a form of chemically modified coconut oil that’s often used as a foaming and thickening ingredient in different personal care products. The products that contained over 10,000 … Read More

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