Exercise can improve your mood, stamina and overall health. Here’s how to get started and what kind of exercises you should do to prevent major health disorders.

Fitness Routine: 4 Foolproof Tips to Help You Reach Your Workout Goals
Credit: iStock.com/Liderina Last weekend, a friend confided in me that he and his wife wanted to join a gym, but they were struggling with where to start—a dilemma shared by many. You may have found yourself in the same predicament, and it can put... Read More
Spinning Classes: Could This Latest Fitness Trend Kill You?
Credit: iStock.com/Wavebreakmedia There’s no doubt that spinning is having its time in the spotlight as the current “it girl” of the workout scene. With plenty of celebrity endorsements and spinning studios popping up on countless corners, it ... Read More
Is Yoga the Cure for or the Cause of Your Back Pain?
Credit: iStock.com/newbie_geek “Pop!” I’ll never forget hearing that sound. It rang out in my ears just over a year ago. I felt my back weaken and tighten up. The worst was the fear—I was squatting heavy weight when the “pop” happened an... Read More
11 Best Exercises for Spinal Stenosis and Exercises to Avoid
Credit: iStock/Wavebreakmedia Spinal stenosis is a devastating health condition that leaves the patient vulnerable to extreme pain on a daily basis. As the spinal canal narrows, the added pressure on the central nervous system causes shooting pain to... Read More
Resistance Training: The Secret to Reverse Age-Related Memory Loss?
When I look around my gym, I see all types of people. There are teenagers trying to put some muscle on their skinny frames, right up to senior citizens working on strength and mobility with resistance training exercises. But for the most part, what I... Read More
Hot-Weather Workout Tips: 2 Strategies for Exercising in the Heat
With summer temperatures spiking throughout America, the heat can be a real deterrent to outdoor exercise. Exertion is tough, not to mention risky, in hot temperatures. Nausea, heat stroke, and general discomfort are all risks when you head outside f... Read More
Workout Motivation Tricks to Get Yourself to the Gym
With each passing minute, it’s getting closer to the time I’m supposed to head to the gym. But I’m feeling a little tired. Not only that, but I was invited to a little get-together. And did I mention the game will be on? The excuses we make up ... Read More
Exercise: The Caffeine-Free Way to Boost Energy in the Afternoon
When it’s around two o’clock in the afternoon, and you didn’t get a great sleep the night before, what do you do? I’m guessing you might choose to grab a cup of coffee! I don’t blame you. After all, we all do it from time to time. Caffeine ... Read More
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