Acupressure Could Relieve Low-Back Pain

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

There is no general pain more common than that which strikes the low back. Most people head to the doctor, then the physiotherapist and perhaps a chiropractor. What if you were to try an Asian approach instead?

Acupressure has been used in China for thousands of years. Many studies have proven its effectiveness, modern studies at that, but none are better than the definitive finding out of Taiwan back in 2006. Researchers found that acupressure can reduce low back pain better than physiotherapy.

What is it? Acupressure blends massage with acupuncture, targeting specific areas of the body. It promotes the flow of blood and “Qi” through the problem area. Rather than needles, an acupressurist will use thumbs and fingertips to deliver precise amounts of pressure to points on your body. It’s best used for pain.

The study in question looked at 130 patients who got either acupressure or physiotherapy for one month. Published in the well-respected “British Medical Journal,” the study found that those taking acupressure had less pain and disability overall. Six months later, researchers asked them again. Only one of 64 people who took acupressure still had bad back pain that caused disability. The success rate: over 98%. Physiotherapy was good too, at eight of 65 people. But its success rate was only 87%.

Now, Western scientists are always interested in figuring out why Chinese therapies are effective. So, because this is a British-published study, they wondered why acupressure proved so absolutely effective. One suggestion is that we psychologically believe that alternative methods such as acupressure are working. And thus we believe we are in less pain.

Whatever the case, math like this can’t be ignored. Pain is rooted in the mind, which operates the nervous pathways in your body. So if you don’t think there is pain, there won’t be.

So, how long will you have to be acupressure massage to eliminate low-back pain? Well, in most cases, pain will extinguish itself within two months. So you just need to get acupressure in order to minimize your pain in the meantime.

Your best bet is to ask an acupressurist or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner what they would suggest. It is 100% harmless and it’s 98% effective.