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Interstitial Cystitis: Natural Options for an Inflamed Bladder
Interstitial Cystitis: Overview About 10 million adults in the U.S. have difficulties with their bladders. Older adults are prone to conditions that trigger inflammation, discomfort, and urination problems. A swollen or an inflamed bladder can cause ... Read More
What Could Osha Root Do for You?
Osha root is a Rocky Mountain herb, the root of which has been used by Native Americans for treating respiratory infections and conditions of the digestive tract. Many of today’s best herbal medicines aren’t necessarily from far-flung cou... Read More
This Marine Animal Could Help Fight Cancer
Sea Cucumber Cancer Link Explained – Researchers at the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago have discovered a health breakthrough in the fight against cancer, and it involves the lowly sea cucumber. What is a sea cucumber? Of course, sea c... Read More
Prebiotics vs Probiotics – Is One Better Than the Other?
What are Prebiotics and Probiotics ? You’ve probably heard something about “probiotics” in the news or at the grocery store. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria. They help your digestive system work efficiently — b... Read More
10 Ways to Keep Your Food Safe
Food safety is a constant topic in the news. Recalls, bacterial threats never cease. Not long ago, the FDA, criticized for not overseeing food safety, created a brand new job: assistant commissioner for food protection. Clearly one commissioner isn&#... Read More
Prevention is Key When It Comes to Food Safety
Recent reports of consumers becoming seriously ill after drinking tainted carrot juice have made many of us wary of what could be lurking in our refrigerators.  The offending carrot juice has caused an illness known as botulism in at least four Amer... Read More
Choosing the Best Cooking Oils
Here Are Top 5 Best Cooking Oils The type of cooking oil you use can go a long way towards protecting your circulatory system and preventing heart damage. Some cooking oils contain saturated fat and some contain unsaturated fat. You want the ones hig... Read More
The Joint-pain-fighting Secret Inside Apples
A supplement that could help fight the pain of one of the world’s most mysterious diseases is the same substance that makes a green apple taste a bit sour. It’s the same thing that can make a particular glass of wine taste tart. It is eve... Read More
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