Eat These for Maximum Liver Protection

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Olives For Liver Protection

Your liver has a tough job sometimes keeping up with all the chemicals and toxins we live with and ingest. One of the signs of toxic buildup in your liver is the accumulation of body fat. How are these two seemingly completely different symptoms linked? It’s because your body uses fats as a way to protect your other vital organs. You make body fat for the specific purpose of storing toxins as far away from your vital organs as possible. So, in fact, a round mid-section can actually be a visible sign of a stressed-out liver.

In recent health news, researchers have discovered a healing food that could protect against toxic overload in the liver. Olives, according to the researchers, contain a special ingredient called “oleuropein.” For their study, the research team investigated the liver-protective activity of oleuropein in mice. The mice all suffered from liver injury caused by a common chemical, carbon tetrachloride (used in dry cleaning fluid).

The mice were given oleuropein once daily for three consecutive days prior to the carbon tetrachloride administration. Another group of mice was given oleuropein once daily for two consecutive days, six hours after carbon tetrachloride intoxication. The chemical caused massive liver damage in the mice. However, the researchers found that, in both treatment groups, oleuropein significantly reduced oxidative stress and inflammatory response. Oleuropein also improved a number of other markers of liver damage.

Now, if you want to help your liver get rid of toxins and heal from toxic overload, consider this health advice: add olives to your weekly diet. One thing to note: the fat your body creates to protect your liver is particularly hard to get rid of. Dieting often doesn’t help. What you want to do is detoxify with healing foods like olives. Once you get rid of the overload of chemicals, you’ll give your body a chance to repair and strengthen itself. And when the toxins disappear, that protective layer of fat lining your stomach should disappear, too!

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