How to maintain a healthy liver. Tips you can follow every day for good liver health. Discover healthy foods, diet tips, exercise techniques and natural treatments to keep away from liver problems.

Understanding Asterixis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
The body has many different warning signs to alert you when something is wrong. Some of these signs may unexpectedly link to certain body parts. For instance, a lingering discomfort in one of your limbs might signal organ damage elsewhere in the body... Read More
This Herbal Remedy Could Save Your Liver, Part Three
In the final part of the series on milk thistle, I hone in on its potential for helping with alcoholic hepatitis. Can a simple herb act in a way inside our body to thwart this extremely dangerous health condition? The term hepatitis means inflammatio... Read More
This Herbal Remedy Could Save Your Liver, Part Two
As we all know, the liver bears the biggest brunt of one’s alcohol intake. It is responsible for cleansing the body; however, alcohol itself is toxic to the liver. What can the herbal remedy milk thistle do to protect the liver? When there is ... Read More
This Herbal Remedy Could Save Your Liver
Here is a three-part series on the number one herbal remedy for your liver. Its name is milk thistle and it just might save one of the body’s most critical organs. All around the world, milk thistle grows in dry and sunny conditions. When fully... Read More
Eat These for Maximum Liver Protection
Olives For Liver Protection Your liver has a tough job sometimes keeping up with all the chemicals and toxins we live with and ingest. One of the signs of toxic buildup in your liver is the accumulation of body fat. How are these two seemingly comple... Read More
Maple Syrup for Your Liver?
Here is some positive health news that might make Canadians proud in a way. A study found that maple syrup could actually keep a liver healthy. That’s right; what we drizzle on pancakes just might slip into the realm of healing foods. Let’... Read More
Could Vitamin Fight Off Liver Cancer?
I’ve arrived at the third and final article in my series on vitamin K, the lesser-known vitamin. Here we look at evidence about its use against liver cancer, as well as a conclusion about getting enough of it, and where to find it. First let... Read More
Can This Hot Beverage Protect Your Liver?
Many studies have suggested over the years that coffee may be able to protect the liver from serious ailments. Several have shown a protective effect against liver injury. Among 5,944 adults in one study, who had liver injury from various causes (i.e... Read More
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