Homeopathic Silica: Facts, Health Benefits, and Uses

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Homeopathic SilicaIn the world of natural remedies, homeopathic silica, or silicea terra, is known for its versatility and can treat many health problems.

Silica is also a form of the non-metallic element silicon or silicon dioxide—one of the major elements of the earth’s crust and a vital constituent in plant structure. In the human body, silicon strengthens your hair, teeth, and nails, while it is also found in connective tissue.

It is not a surprise that as a homeopathic remedy, silica is used for skin, nail, and teeth problems. Homeopathic silica is also used for eye, nose, throat, bone, joint, nerve system, and digestive problems. Overall, silica is more helpful for slow-developing, progressive conditions rather than acute complaints. It also has the unusual ability to expel the body of foreign objects like splinters. Read on to learn more about silica and its various health benefits and uses.

Facts and History about Homeopathic Silica

If you’ve never heard of the term silica, you will likely know its other forms such as sand and stone, like flint. Silicon will also color various semiprecious stones like amethyst (purple or violet), sapphire (blue or indigo), or jasper (red). It is also known as opal, rock crystal, agate, or quartz. In fact, most rocks are composed of silica.

Due to its firmness, silica has been used since the ninth century. As a result, it is the main element in most varieties of glass and other materials like concrete and bricks. The salt in silica also provides strength to straws, sponges, feathers, and plant stems.

Silica is considered the toughest cell salt you can find, and it is appropriately nicknamed “grit.” It is no wonder that silica supports hair, skin, nails, bones, and other connective tissue throughout the body.

The term silica, or silox, comes from the Latin word silex, which simply means silicon dioxide. It has the chemical formula SiO2.

A Swedish chemist, Jons Jacob Berzelius, discovered silicon in 1824 after heating potassium chips in a silica container, and carefully washing the residual by-products. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust behind oxygen. And, it is the seventh most abundant element in the universe.

Homeopathy founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann had proven the effectiveness and safety of homeopathic silica in 1828. Dr. Hahnemann had first prepared silica from mountain crystal, and homeopaths later made it from flint. Now, chemically-prepared silicon dioxide, or silica sand, is also used.

7 Key Uses and Health Benefits of Silica

Homeopathic silica is quite different than silicon. There are almost untraceable amounts of the substance at the end of the dilution process. The homeopathic remedy is made from grinding purified silicon into a powder then blending it with sodium bicarbonate in a process called dry substance dilution.

What are the health benefits of silica? People that tend to respond best with homeopathic silica will typically lack physical and mental stamina, and their over-conscientious attitude toward work will often lead to insomnia or exhaustion.

They may also be anxious, and fear pointed objects like needles, while their aspirations and outlook are often limited due to fear of failure. As children, they are very shy, and as adults, they are self-conscious, unassertive, and extremely stubborn.

Chilliness and profuse smelly sweat are common physical symptoms. A weakened bone structure and digestive problems are due to undernourishment and poor food absorption, which may occur with recurrent infections from impaired immunity.

Bone and skin problems are also slow to heal, while wounds will tend to ooze. Infants that need silica may fail to thrive and will develop slowly throughout childhood.

The following is further detail about the health benefits of homeopathic silica.

1. Wounds and Punctures

Silica will treat various types of punctures, wounds, sores, scar tissue, bites, or tooth discomfort. Its uses include removing foreign objects like splinters or glass that puncture the skin. The homeopathic remedy will also treat and prevent abscess or infections at the location of a wound.

A person that requires homeopathic silica experiences poor wound healing, inflamed lymph nodes, weak nails, and they also scare easily. There may also be brittle bones, as well as old wounds with a tendency to reopen and discharge pus.

A study published in the journal Harefuah in 1992 found that homeopathic silica healed induced chronic wounds in mice. The study researchers treated three or four groups of 10 mice with a preparation of silica or saline for a four- to 20-day period.

Many of the induced wounds were significantly smaller when treated with silica than the saline treatment. The homeopathic silica groups also healed faster overall.

2. Allergic Conditions

A report published in the journal Homeopathy in 2013 found that silica is effective for both hay fever and asthmatic patients.

Homeopathic silica is commonly used during allergy season, and can also treat sinusitis. It also treats bloating and weak immunity due to a common allergy known as milk intolerance.

3. Arthritis and Bone Conditions

From time to time, we all experience problems with bones or joints; however, when bothersome on a regular basis, they can be quite frustrating. As a result, homeopathic silica is especially useful for arthritis, knee inflammation of the bone, weak wrists, and subcutaneous nodules of hip joints when there is painful swelling.

A person that requires homeopathic silica may also experience bone spurs, hard nodules, bony overgrowths, stiffness, cracking joints, and many weak ligaments and joints.

4. Mental Fatigue and Low Self-Esteem

Homeopathic silica is also a good remedy for low self-esteem, mental fatigue, and a lack of confidence and courage. The person will also be concerned about other’s opinions of them, while trying to live up to a specific parental or societal image.

They need to be accepted for this image, and not for their real worth. They also rarely show emotion, fear failure, and easily yield to others.

5. Nose, Ear, and Throat Conditions

Nose, ear, and throat conditions are all interconnected, so when you suffer one, it only makes sense you will be affected from all three.

As a result, homeopathic silica is helpful for swollen glands, recurrent colds, chronic phlegm, tonsillitis that leads to an abscess on the tonsil, ear infections, and fluid in the middle ear (glue ear) that may cause hearing problems and earaches.

A study published in the journal Homeopathy in 2011, found that silicea 6x supports the breathing disorder called tubercular lymphadenitis when paired with the homeopathic remedy tuberculinum. Silica is also useful for lung conditions like tuberculosis and bronchitis.

6. Digestive Disorders

Homeopathic silica is helpful for a weak digestive system, especially with intolerance to certain foods like milk and fat. Babies may also be intolerant to mother’s milk. There may also be undernourishment or poor absorption of essential minerals and a preference for cold foods.

Symptoms may include constipation with an inability to expel stools. As a result, the stool may slip back into the rectum, and painful cracks or abscesses may develop. Other symptoms include painful abdominal cramps and smelly gas.

7. Nervous System Problems

There are several nervous system problems where homeopathic silica can be useful. This can include a migraine headache where the person has disturbed vision, dizziness, and a sharp pain that affects the head. Silica also helps other nervous system problems, including tremors or paralysis, neuralgia, vertigo, and coldness of the extremities.

Final Thoughts on Homeopathic Silica

As mentioned, homeopathic silica is very different than silicon or silica supplements. Although you can find both in the supplement section of a health food store, you should always specify which one you want. Silicon supplements are also used for various health concerns, including hair loss, bone deformities, skin health, preventing brittle nails, heart health problems, and more.

Long-term use of silicon supplements may result in the loss of essential vitamins, including vitamin B1. Prolonged use of silicon supplements may also cause excessive urination or severe kidney trouble.

Homeopathic silica, on the other hand, is available in liquid or pellet form. You can also get homeopathic silica right from your qualified homeopath if they have determined that silicea is the right remedy based on your physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

The general dosage is one pellet or five liquid drops of silica every one hour for intense symptoms to four hours for milder symptoms. Once there is an improvement, stop taking the remedy and only resume when symptoms return. After three doses, if there is no improvement, contact your homeopath immediately. You may need a different dosage or remedy for persistent or chronic symptoms.

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