Do You Want to Live Longer? Here’s How

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Anti-Aging SolutionsMost people I speak to want to live a long and healthy life relatively free of disease or overreliance upon medical care. As we age from our younger adult years into our 40s and 50s, some very important changes to our health can occur. For instance, if you are unlucky enough to have a certain genetic risk of developing a disease due to your unique family history, this is usually the time when this becomes manifested. Or, perhaps your lifestyle has been somewhat circumspect over the years. Well, middle age is when it can catch up with you.

According to some recent research published at the school of public health in Wales, Dr. P. Elwood studied a large group of Welsh men and followed them over a 30-year period. While studying these men, he monitored aspects of their lifestyle dynamics like smoking or exercise and related this to the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, dementia, and diabetes.

Dr. Elwood found that there were five major positive lifestyle behaviors associated with better health outcomes. They are:

  •  Not smoking
  •  Participating in a regular exercise program
  •  Modest alcohol consumption
  •  Low BMI
  •  Consuming a plant-based diet

Dr. Elwood found that the men in this study who had four out of the five positive lifestyle behaviors, compared to men who had none, had a 67% risk reduction for cardiovascular disease, 73% risk reduction for the development of type 2 diabetes, a 20-25% risk reduction for the development of cancer, a 65% reduction in the risk of developing dementia, and a 32% reduction in dying from any disease process!

The results of this study are simply amazing. If you are in your 40s or 50s and hope to live a nice, vibrant life, now is the time to adopt a healthy anti-aging lifestyle so you can decrease your own risk of developing a serious chronic disease that will age you prematurely and lessen your longevity. There is no real reason why people need to get sick and die before their time because they have developed a chronic disease.

This study has shed some interesting facts upon the effects that lifestyle choices have upon chronic disease risk and mortality and there has been previous evidence published illustrating the same facts.

Unfortunately, this data has been ignored by most health care providers and most people. The time to intervene and change behavior should occur before any serious symptoms of disease become realized so the appropriate changes can be made and the proper outcome realized.

If you are approaching your 40s and are concerned about your future health, you may want to complete an inventory of your own lifestyle dynamics to understand where you can make changes or improve your own lifestyle choices.

Your path to successful aging demands it!

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