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Dr. K.J. McLaughlin, BPE, CSCS, MASc. DC
Dr. K.J.McLaughlin is a chiropractor with 27 years of clinical experience. In addition, he has degrees in physical education, nutrition and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with an interest in anti-aging medicine. He has also spent time studying health promotion and the effect that health education has upon health outcomes.

Dr. McLaughlin has a diverse professional background which has involved clinical management, teaching, health promotion and health coaching and brings a unique passion to his work.

The Top 10 Foods You Should Absolutely Avoid
How many times have you been told: “Don’t eat that—it’s bad for your health!” (I’m assuming it’s probably more times than you can count, am I correct?) But if you’re honest, do you really know why certain foods are bad for you, or do ... Read More
How the Misuse of Antibiotics Can Make You Sicker
There was a time when you could go to your healthcare provider and get a prescription for antibiotic drugs if you had an infection in your lungs, throat, skin, or gastrointestinal or genital tract. These infections would clear up after a week and eve... Read More
Your Heavy Smoking Linked to Genetics?
From a global perspective, smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death, suffering, and high morbidity rates. Smoking can cause untold damage to your lungs, upper respiratory tract, upper digestive tract, arteries, brain, skin, and eyes.... Read More
Have a Milk Allergy? Switching to Organic May Be Your Answer
One of the more common types of food allergies involves the consumption of dairy products, especially cow’s milk. There are people who just cannot consume it, and I am not just talking about infants and toddlers. Let me make one thing clear, though... Read More
When and When Not to Trust Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional supplements are available to improve your health in many ways. Most of the products available today can really help maintain or even improve health outcomes. In my opinion, depending upon the circumstances, some nutritional supplements ar... Read More
How Much Salt Do You Really Eat?
Do you really know for sure just how much sodium you eat every day? Most people either greatly underestimate their sodium intake or don’t really bother to keep track. When I ask people about their own sodium intake, they frequently suggest that bec... Read More
How Lifestyle Interventions Can Help Control Chronic Disease
The most important factor in the development of most, if not all, chronic diseases that can end our lives prematurely and change the manner in which we age during our lifetime is one fundamental pathological entity—INFLAMMATION. When you think of t... Read More
How Exercise Could Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer
Participation in a regular exercise program has definite benefits for every woman, regardless of her age. These benefits include a reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese and an increase in the prevention of metabolic disorders, such as type 2 d... Read More
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