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We’ve already discussed the latest study on vitamin D. It showed that taking a daily dose of vitamin D could lower your risk of cancer.

 And every year there are dozens of studies on vitamins and supplements. Researchers look at both the benefits and the potential downsides of vitamins. And that is the problem.

 Often the media will take these studies and portray them either black or white — with vitamins ending up as either miracle pills, or hazardous to your health (like recent news about vitamin E).

 The fact is that there have been countless clinical trials and studies done on vitamins, minerals and supplements. And the result is that there is a science to knowing which vitamins to buy, which illnesses to take them for, and in which combination and dosages you should take them.

 Sounds complicated, right? Don’t worry, because I’ve got a way that makes it all very simple. It’s called Doctors’ Vitamin Cures That Work, and it’s like having your very own Doctor in your house.

 Doctors’ Vitamin Cures That Work includes a definitive guide to 28 vitamins and minerals. You will discover which dosages to take, what effects the vitamins and minerals have on your health.

 If there is a drugs or food interaction your should avoid when taking a certain vitamin — Doctors’ Vitamin Cures That Work will tell you what it is.

 You’ll also discover foods or other supplements that are recommended to help boost the effectiveness of the vitamin you’re taking.

 There’s an encyclopaedia’s worth of knowledge in this book.

 Written by David Juan MD, a renowned medical doctor, Doctors’ Vitamin Cures That Work is chock-full of the latest authoritative studies on vitamins. And the research cited rarely mentions animal-based studies — so all your proof comes from reliable tests done on human subjects.

 In Doctors’ Vitamin Cures That Work you’ll also get an alphabetical list of 30 common conditions and the vitamins that help cure them.

 This book takes all the guess-work out vitamins — and helps you stay pain-free and healthy!

 As I said before, it’s like having your very own live-in Doctor. Whenever you’re suffering from a bout of arthritis, or your vision is blurry, or you can’t sleep at night. . . just flip through these pages to find the cures to whatever’s ailing you.