Uric Acid Treatment May Benefit Recovering Female Stroke Victims

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Marji_130715_4In a recent study published in the journal Stroke, researchers discovered that 42% of female stroke patients treated with uric acid had almost no disability following a stroke, compared to 29% treated with a placebo.

Study researchers re-analyzed 2014 data based on randomized double-blind trials of patients admitted to stroke centers in Spain. Approximately 206 women and 205 men were given treatment to remove clots. Half of each group were either given 1,000 mg of uric acid therapy or a placebo.

After re-analyzing data, researchers discovered that 42% of women who were treated with uric acid reported less disability three months following a stroke, compared to 29% who were treated with the placebo.

Researchers also found that women treated with uric acid had less dead tissue as a result of lack of blood supply. As for men, there was no difference between the uric acid treatment and the placebo.

Female participants were on average seven years older than the men, and were more likely to have an irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Dr. Angel Chamorro, the study’s lead author, believes that the next stage is to test young and healthier stroke victims.

In 2014, the American Heart Association reported that 795,000 Americans suffer a new or recurring stroke every year. Women suffer 55,000 more strokes than men, and 60% of all stroke deaths are in women.

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