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Breast Cancer: A Glass of Wine per Day May Increase Your Risk
Just when you thought having a glass of wine every day was safe and healthy, a recent report from the World Cancer Research Fund has found that women who drink as little as a half-glass of wine per day—about 10 grams of alcohol—could increase th... Read More
Vipassana Meditation: Can It Help Relieve Depression Symptoms?
The world can be an incredibly stressful place; with so much going on, so many pressures placed upon us and working five or even more days a week. And, that’s before you factor in anything like politics, the economy or if you have kids. It’s kind... Read More
Sensitive Ears or Hyperacusis: Causes, Types, Prevention, and Treatment
Hearing is one of those things that we take for granted. From watching television to listening for sounds while making a repair on a vehicle, it’s one of our more prominent and important senses. The one issue we tend to think about when it comes to... Read More
Calcaneus Fractures: What Is a Heel Bone Fracture and How to Recover from It
When you break a bone, you know it! The pain that follows a broken or fractured bone can sometimes warrant a quick trip to the closest emergency room. Sometimes, the pain could be of increasing intensity over a few days with a minor fracture. When y... Read More
Lip Twitching Meaning, Causes, Treatment, and Superstitions
Have you ever felt your lips begin to twitch uncontrollably? It can happen at any time and is usually not a cause for concern. If you are experiencing a twitching frequently, or if it does not stop after a few minutes, you may want to further investi... Read More
Swollen Taste Buds: Causes and Natural Treatment Tips
Your mouth is a pretty incredible thing. There are tons of moving parts and various systems at play, so the chances of a little thing happening that you don’t really understand are pretty great. Like those occasions when you get a little bump on th... Read More
Are Filiform Warts Contagious? The Causes and Treatment Tips
No one ever wants warts. Beyond the fact that they can be physically unappealing, depending on the type and what may cause them, there is always a stigma attached to having a wart of any kind. Unfortunately, filiform warts fall into that category. In... Read More
Neck Strain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Exercises
We’ve all gotten it from time to time. Neck strain. Whether it be from a movement that has strained the muscles in the neck, or from something unfortunate like a car accident or bad posture, neck strain is a more common problem than you might think... Read More
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