Why Going on Vacation Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Your Waistline

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Why Going on Vacation Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Your WaistlineWhat can ruin a vacation faster than you can say, “Hold the mayo?” Weight worries. Concerns regarding your weight tend to play a major role in how you spend your vacation. People want to get in shape, but then they worry about gaining during their holidays. There is a cloud of guilt that hangs over them with each drink, meal, and moment sitting idle in the sun. The guilt doesn’t stay back on the beach, either; it follows you home and makes you question why you ever went away in the first place.

My mother recently got back from a three-week trip to Ireland and she made a point of enjoying herself and drinking a “Guinness” beer or two every day. When she returned she was 2.2 pounds lighter than when she left. Like my mom, I’ve been on a number of vacations during which I’ve never put on weight. That’s because there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself and stay fit when you’re taking a breather from real life.

Walking is one of the best ways to stay lean, get exercise, and enjoy a vacation. It lets you see things you may not otherwise see and gives you a genuine experience of the place you’re visiting. Try ditching the bus tours and hitting the streets yourself. There are so many books that offer great walking routes and usually you can find countless locals who’d be glad to help you out. And if you don’t think walking will do much for you, purchase a pedometer before you go; you’ll be surprised how many steps you take.

A beach vacation at an all-inclusive resort can be an easy place to stay sedentary—until you take a look at all the amenities. I’ve worked out in resort gyms, taken yoga classes on the beach, and have seen countless people participate in aquafit or dancing sessions and other activities. The options are there; you just have to take advantage of them.

Finally, when it comes to eating, there are always healthy options. Take advantage of the opportunity to eat fresh local cuisine and regional tastes. And if you have a few meals or desserts, don’t sweat it; you can wear off the calories with a night walk and besides, you’re on vacation!