Natural Treatments for Breast Cancer

About 12% (one in eight) U.S. women run the risk of breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Are natural cancer cures out there? Discover how to prevent and treat breast cancer naturally at Doctors Health Press.

Olivia Newton-John Faces New Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Complementary Therapy
Superstar singer Olivia Newton-John—best remembered for her role in the hit movie Grease—has been forced to postpone tour dates this summer because of some bad health news. But what she’s doing about it could inspire you, if you’re struggling... Read More
Understanding the Debate about Breast Cancer Screening
Every October, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two things are guaranteed: lots of pink and a great deal of back-and-forth about breast cancer screening. The debate has passionate advocates on both sides of the fence, but the subject can eas... Read More
What All Men Need to Know About Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is a health issue that is commonly associated with women. However, breast cancer can also affect men. The frequency of breast cancer cases in men may be significantly less compared to women, but it is still a risk for men between 60 and... Read More
More News on the Breast Cancer Screening Front
Everyone should support breast cancer screening, right? After all, these are medical tests that can save lives. Or do they? A new study out of the U.K. is suggesting otherwise. The study, performed at the Department of Public Health at the University... Read More
How Often Should You Have a Mammogram? Find Out Here
Mammograms have been a mainstay in the news in recent years as experts wage an ideological battle over their true value and how frequently they should be used. A new study out of San Francisco says that older women can rest easy getting one every two... Read More
Certain Cancer Drug Elevates the Risk of Heart Failure
The risk of heart failure is alarmingly high in older women with breast cancer. And, according to Yale University researchers, if those women take one commonly prescribed drug, the risk is even higher. The health warning targets “adjuvant trastuzum... Read More
Study Finds Surprising Way to Help Beat Breast Cancer
One of the most vital therapies to help you survive cancer is one most people overlook—a healthy social life. While early detection and proper medical care are of primary importance, according to a new study, social relationships also play an impor... Read More
Why Breast Cancer Risk Rises as You Age
Here’s a health breakthrough in the area of breast cancer. We know that the risk for this disease rises dramatically after women pass the age of 50. But cellular changes behind this have remained a mystery. That is, until now, as researchers ha... Read More
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