Health Talk
Episode 002: The Top 10 Chemicals Found In Beauty And Personal Care Products To Avoid – Speaking with Lianne Sheppard

It is scary to think that our personal care and beauty products could be at the root of our illness or disease. We all tend to put trust into the FDA to regulate what goes into our products, but you would be appalled if you knew what was allowed in our shampoo, makeup and deodorants. There are thousands of chemicals found in our products, many of which can be absorbed by the body.

Episode 001: The Magic Pill Mentality – Speaking with James Palow

People in the United States are sicker than ever today, in spite of us having some of the best healthcare in the world. Many people are being diagnosed with chronic disease, and doctors seem to be treating only the disease itself, rather than dealing with the root of the problem. In the episode, James will share his philosophy on how conventional doctors only focus on “disease care,” instead of focusing on a “health care model,” which can help prevent disease.