Potential Natural Treatments for Cancer

Natural ways to reduce the risk of cancer. Read more about natural treatments to prevent cancer, and foods that help you keep away from most of the cancers.

This Marine Animal Could Help Fight Cancer
Sea Cucumber Cancer Link Explained – Researchers at the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago have discovered a health breakthrough in the fight against cancer, and it involves the lowly sea cucumber. What is a sea cucumber? Of course, sea c... Read More
The Sea Cucumber as a Cancer-Fighting Agent
Living in a closely connected global community grants us the opportunity to try many different foods from many different cultures. A lot of these foods come directly from the ocean. Among these treasures of the sea is an animal that you may have neve... Read More
Can the Cure for Cancer be Found in Graviola Fruit?
Graviola—aka soursop—is a deliciously exotic green fruit that hails primarily from the rainforests of the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Central America. Its rich, citrus-like flavor makes it a popular ingredient in candies, smoothies, and even i... Read More
Alternative Cancer Treatment Options
We often see tragic news stories about death on a daily basis—fatalities resulting from plane crashes, deadly fires, shootings or worse. But we don’t often hear about the casualties caused by one of the leading diseases known to man—cancer. Eac... Read More
How Your Cell Phone May Be Increasing Your Cancer Risk
In 1973, Martin Cooper helped develop the very first cell phone—the Motorola “DynaTAC 8000x.” Cooper even made the first mobile phone call on April 3, 1973. I doubt he knew then about the health dangers that may be associated with this new devi... Read More
Frankincense: The Herb That Can Kill Ovarian Cancer
We don’t often hear about frankincense, though you may recognize the name of this herb from the biblical story of the three wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus. Well, as it turns out, these men really were “wise,” as their gift of frankincens... Read More
Exercise Can Improve Cancer Treatment and Recovery
If you’ve recently undergone cancer treatment or are currently involved in treatment, it’s important that you get up and get active. The days of old when you were instructed to sit at home, get rest, relax, and not move are over. Evidence lends i... Read More
Selenium & Iodine: Two Key Minerals That Could Prevent Cancer
Cancer is the most feared disease in the world. In the U.S., more than 500,000 people lose their battle with cancer each year. Approximately 2.75 million people are diagnosed with the disease and even more are affected by each case. The diagnosed can... Read More
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