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What Are Those Marks on Michael Phelps’ Back?
Michael Phelps… Nineteen Olympic gold medals and counting… Twenty-three total Olympic medals… Suction spots all over his back…?! It’s no surprise that the most decorated Olympian of all time has many admirers…but no, t... Read More
Acupuncture: A Natural Ancient Chinese Practice Helps Fight Hypertension
When talking to my friend the other day, I mentioned that I’ve never quite been a fan of needles. I won’t faint when I see one or panic when I need to get one, but I just don’t like that pinching feeling. After admitting this, he asked me a rat... Read More
Hospital Finds Success Using Exercise to Treat Arthritis
Using a variety of exercises and alternative therapies, a New York City hospital has reportedly helped patients with osteoarthritis. Such activities as tai chi, yoga and Pilates have led to reduced pain, better function, and a greater quality of life... Read More
Five More Ways Chinese Medicine Treats Colitis
In this second installment of a two-part series, Doctors Health Press examines five more ways Chinese Traditional Medicine treats colitis. Ancient Chinese beliefs hold that causes of colitis include a virus or bacteria, an imbalance in your mind, red... Read More
More Chinese Medicine “Signs” that Something’s Not Right
In part two of this series on how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners diagnose your health problems (click here for part one), we investigate how a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner will see how your odor and your sound can... Read More
Four Ancient Ways Your Face Determines Your Overall Health
So begins an e-health series on the amazing ways Chinese healers diagnose what’s ailing you. Their techniques are legendary, ancient, and unique. The information they glean from you creates a picture of what’s wrong. The first technique is observ... Read More
Skin Problems? This Ancient Secret Could Be the Answer
Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition of the skin caused by a faulty immune system. Many of us are no stranger to its red, itchy rash, unfortunately. If you are still searching for a natural remedy for psoriasis, we’ve assembled the top secret... Read More
Five Moves That Make You Feel Great
Qigong is a healing therapy you do for yourself. It is best to learn from a practitioner and then practice it at your leisure. Here are five popular Qigong postures, which of course are best learned visually, but what we offer here is a description. ... Read More
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