Natural Treatments for Osteoarthritis That Can Help

Tai Chi: Get Relief from Multiple Chronic Diseases with This Ancient Chinese Technique
Last week, I was sitting in a meeting with some of my colleagues at Doctors Health Press and we were talking about exercise. Exercise is often a point of contention in the health world—not because it doesn’t have all kinds of benefits, but becaus... Read More
10 Ways to Manage Osteoarthritis at Home
Among the different forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common by far and affects millions worldwide. It is known as a “wear and tear” condition, because it occurs when the cartilage in the joints is worn away over time. It affect... Read More
Warning: An Unexpected Danger to Your Knees
Whether or not you have problems with arthritis, you might find your knee “going out” as you walk up a flight of stairs. It happens more often as the body gets a bit older. This episode is called “knee buckling” and a piece of... Read More
Can Jumping Improve Osteoarthritis and Bone Health?
If you’re like me, you exercise at least three to five times a week. After exercising for 30 to 60 minutes at the gym, I feel relaxed and have a lot more energy. Others, like my best friend Mike, started working out to lose weight. Exercising is al... Read More
Avoid Surgery, Fight Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain Naturally
If you’ve got osteoarthritis, you know that the pain makes life extremely difficult. Performing your job or housework, getting dressed, or even holding your grandchildren becomes a painful ordeal—if it’s even possible. Last weekend, I was at my... Read More
Three Hand Exercises for Joint Pain Relief
If you suffer from osteoarthritis pain, you’re likely well aware that one of the worst places for flare-ups is in your hands. It’s not only painful, but it’s extremely frustrating and greatly lowers a person’s quality of life. It makes simple... Read More
A Scary Correlation: Smoking and Loss of Mobility
You likely don’t need another reason to quit smoking. Surely, the lung cancer, emphysema, heart problems, and other known health impacts are enough. But if they aren’t, here’s just one more good reason to quit: smoking can make it harder for yo... Read More
How Women Can Slow the Progression of Osteoarthritis
Anybody with osteoarthritis knows how painful the condition can be. Not only does it cause sharp and throbbing pain daily, but it also works to strip the joy from your life. The simplest, most common tasks become a burden, and the idea of getting out... Read More
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