The Secret to Fighting Depression

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Being in good health can seem like a different thing to accomplish for those who suffer depression. It is an area of frequent health breakthroughs, as it is one of the most common health complaints across the U.S. The latest involves the use of alternative health technique, “positive activity interventions,” as a safe and inexpensive way to manage depression.

Positive activity interventions (PAIs) are self-administered and the study found they could offer hope to people with depressive disorders who don’t respond well to traditional medical therapy. This health news comes from a review article in “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.”

Depression affects more than 100 million people worldwide. It’s been estimated that between 70% and 90% do not receive sufficient medical treatment, do not respond to therapy, or do not have access to quality care. Because of this, there is a huge unmet need for alternative, economical, and effective strategies for treating major and minor depression.

To that end, the new study looked at all the reviewed medical literature covering the effectiveness of PAIs in treating depression. PAIs include counting one’s blessings, practicing optimism, performing acts of kindness, and using one’s unique strengths. They are meant to teach patients ways to increase their positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors on their own without seeking professional help. If successful, it could cut treatment costs by extensive amounts, and this is money that often comes out of a person’s pocket, not covered by health insurance.

It is possible this groundbreaking review has global significance. It can help divert our society from its focus on pharmaceuticals. You can speak to your doctor about how PAIs might work for you — or you can set out to shift your viewpoint yourself. When suffering from depression, it can be very difficult to foster a positive thought process. But many studies have shown that doing so can have a real difference on your disease.

It is never too late to try and influence your own life in the face of psychological issues. Combine the positive thoughts and the practice of optimism with exercise and healthy eating, and you may feel the tide turn away from depression’s clutches.