The Top Eight Herbs to Battle Anxiety and Depression

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Herbal treatments for depression and anxiety are often forgotten due to the barrage of pharmaceutical drugs that are currently available. But many herbal cures are effective without causing any of the prescription side effects associated with antidepressants. Take, for example, eight herbs studied in a recent clinical trial.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia determined that, although herbal cures for depression and anxiety are now being researched, a comprehensive review has yet to be done. The researchers therefore set out to conduct a massive review of commonly used psychotropic herbal medicines.

The review looked at the ways in which herbs helped in the treatment of mood, anxiety and sleep disorders. The team emphasized phytomedicines in particular when reviewing clinical databases.

In all, 21 individual phytomedicines were studied, from 66 clinical trials.

Which herbs showed the best results? Here are the top eight according to the Aussie researchers:

1. St. John’s Wort for major depression

2. Kava kava for anxiety disorders

3. Borage for antidepressant effects

4. Saffron to help with depression

5. Rhodiola rosea for help in treating depression

6. German chamomile to help with anxiety

7. Ginkgo biloba to help relieve anxiety

8. Skullcap for reducing anxiety

Consider using these herbs to boost your mood and calm frayed nerves. Get an herbalist’s advice about proper dosages for your particular health needs. You’ll also want ’to get your doctor’s advice about possible interactions with any medication you are currently taking.

Depression and anxiety are treatable and help is always available in the form of alternative treatments such as the herbs suggested above. Therapy should also be considered to address the underlying causes of depression and anxiety.

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